Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women, other than skin cancer.

If diagnosed early, many women can be treated and live long and healthy lives. This is why it is important for all women between 50 and 74 years old to have a mammogram every two years.

What is a Mammogram?

A series of x-ray pictures of the breast that can show cancer before a lump can be felt in your breast.
The mammogram is the best test doctors have to find breast cancer early.

Your Risk for Breast Cancer

Some important factors that may increase your risk for breast cancer include:

You may be able to lower your risk of breast cancer by:

Talk to your Loved Ones

Remind and encourage the women in your life to get a mammogram every two years. Mammograms can catch breast cancer early when chances for cure are best.

If you would like to schedule a mammogram or have questions about your risk for breast cancer, call your doctor or make an appointment at Union Health Center at 212-206-2755.