Quick Tips

1. Order a kid’s meal. You will get less food for less money.

2. Share your meal with a family member or friend.

3. Order water instead of soft drinks.

4. Don’t super-size. Super sizing usually provides more fries, more soft drink and more calories.

5. Think twice when ordering the value meal combo. They usually contain larger serving sizes.

6. Don’t always order the large hamburger.

7. Choose fast food only occasionally. Eat and prepare more meals at home.


A Fast Way to 5 a Day

Eating fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Be creative and you can get fruits and vegetables just about anywhere you eat. Here
are some ideas:

In any Restaurant

  • Ask for extra lettuce, tomato and onion on your burger
  • Order a side salad instead of French fries
  • Order 100% vegetable or fruit juice like orange juice (not Hi-C) instead of soda


Examples from Popular Fast Food Restaurants

  • Burger King and McDonalds offer garden salads and chicken garden salads. Burger King also offers a veggie burger — an easy way to get a serving. They both also offer 100% orange juice throughout the day.
  • Wendy’s offers innovative salads for more variety. It also offers baked potatoes.
  • Taco Bell has a veggie fajita and a taco salad. Restaurants serving breakfast also have 100% orange juice available.
  • Subway offers a veggie deluxe sandwich and several different salads. You can add a serving to any sandwich by choosing lots of colorful veggies. Extra veggies are free.
  • Boston Market offers Caesar and garden salads as entrees or sides. Several side orders can help to add a serving — steamed veggies, green beans, new potatoes, zucchini marinara, creamed spinach, butternut squash and fruit salad.
  • Bruegger’s offers veggie sandwiches (or ask for extra veggies on any sandwich) and vegetable soups such as minestrone.
  • Pizza (Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa John’s or your favorite). Most pizza places offer salads or add veggie toppings to your pizza. To get a 1/2 cup cooked serving you need to order at least two veggie toppings