Info – Union Health Center

Discover why your fellow 32BJ members are choosing the Union Health Center for their health care needs.

Why get your health care anywhere else?

We know you work hard. Having us in your corner can make things a bit easier. As a 32BJ member, you already have access to quality medical care through the Union Health Center.


Consider UHC for your health care needs, because here you will:

  • Receive high quality, personalized care for a $0 co-pay
  • Get to choose your own doctor
  • Access a wide range of health care services, including primary and specialty care, health coaching and on-site counseling.


Have questions? Call 212-206-2755 to speak to a customer service representative who can help you select a doctor, schedule appointments, and help answer your questions.

I choose the Union Health Center because of the doctors and the location. My doctor knows who I am and is extremely knowledgeable about what’s going on with me.   The location is near downtown Manhattan, so I can stop here after work or lunch.
– Hiram Roldan, 32BJ Member