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Speciality Care

Speciality Care

All patients at Union Health Center have their own primary care provider (PCP). These providers all have the skills and knowledge to diagnose and treat a broad range of conditions, from acute problems such as a sore throat, rash or back injury to chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. When more help is needed for more complex or severe conditions, or when specialized testing or procedures are needed, they can easily refer patients to highly qualified specialists who practice either on-site at UHC or in the community. These specialists are affiliated with Mt. Sinai Beth Israel Hospital and other parts of the larger Mt. Sinai Health System.

Your PCP and specialist can easily communicate with each other to better coordinate your care. The specialists send their reports and test results to the PCP, who reviews the results and enters them into the electronic medical record. Whoever you see at UHC has access to this information. Even when you are being taken care of by the specialist, the PCP will always be available to you to help answer your questions and guide you through the health system.

One great example of this is Cardiology for patients with heart conditions such as angina, heart failure and other vein and artery conditions. There are two experienced cardiologists on site, with access to all of the many heart and blood vessel tests (and other specialists if needed) through Mt. Sinai Beth Israel Hospital. They will come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan designed with the patient’s needs in mind.

UHC emphasizes preventive care, so we often recommend a colonoscopy to look for early signs of colon cancer in patients age 50 and older. We utilize our own on-site Gastroenterology specialists for this – although the test is done at a specialized facility or doctor’s office, the results come back so we can make sure they get their follow up test (usually a few years down the road). These specialist also treat conditions affecting the stomach, intestines and liver.

For our patients with diabetes, we have many support services to offer including consultation (if needed) with a specialist in Endocrinology. They can help us with other problems as well, such as thyroid conditions.

We have several Ophthalmologists who specialize in eye problems, including the need for regular checkups for patients with diabetes and glaucoma, among other eye conditions.

Patients with pain in the muscles, bones or joints are usually treated by the PCP, but if more help is needed they can be referred to our in-house specialists in Physiatry (also known as Rehabilitation Medicine) or Rheumatology. If we need a specialist in Orthopedics or Pain Management, we refer patients outside of UHC.

Our Gynecologist is available to care for women’s health conditions that cannot be taken care of by the PCP. Common issues such as infections and birth control are usually handled by the PCP, along with routine screenings for breast and cervical cancer.

Other specialists at UHC include:

  • Otolaryngology (ENT – ear, nose and throat problems)
  • Hematology/Oncology (blood disorders and cancers, although most patients with cancer are referred to outside specialists at Mt. Sinai or Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)
  • Nephrology (kidney problems)
  • Neurology (problems of the nervous system including severe headache, seizures, strokes and dizziness
  • Podiatry (care of the feet, especially in patients with diabetes)
  • Pulmonology/Sleep Disorders (problems including asthma, COPD and sleep apnea)
  • Urology (problems of the urinary tract, including kidney stones, prostate cancer, and erectile dysfunction)

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